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About O'Leary & Associates, Inc.

Corporate Information

O’Leary & Associates, Inc. was incorporated as a Texas  Corporation in 1994. 
The O’Leary & Associates, Inc. corporate office is located in Irving, Texas.

Corporate Officers

Thomas G. O'Leary CEO 
Gregory T. O’Leary President 
Michelle Hennessy Vice President

Corporate History

Prior to its incorporation, the technical staff of O’Leary & Associates, Inc. developed a very comprehensive hospital time and attendance system for another Texas corporation. The first hospital installation of that system was in 1982. The system was subsequently installed in over 50 hospitals located throughout the United States that range in size from 600 to 5000 employees. 
Most of the original systems were upgraded to the O’Leary & Associates, Inc. ClockWork application software.

Corporate Objectives

O’Leary & Associates, Inc. continuously strives to be the leader in providing Labor Management Systems to the healthcare industry by offering superior performance and reliability at an affordable cost. 

Our ClockWork System is a proven effective tool used to assist hospital management in increasing labor productivity while controlling cost.  Real time distributed labor reporting allows management to make timely staffing decisions that are in the best interest of the patients as well as the hospital.

Corporate Affiliations

O’Leary & Associates, Inc. is an authorized reseller of LINX Data Terminals, Inc, and has a very close working relationship with both LINX Data Terminals, Inc. and HealthLine Solutions of Plano, Texas

LINX Data Terminals, Inc. manufactures the hardware (Data Terminals) portion of our ClockWork Time and Attendance System.  Our application software was developed to take full advantage of the extensive and flexible performance of the LINX terminals.  The LINX terminals, which directly connect to the user's Ethernet cable, give our system very distinct competitive advantages in both performance and price.  

O'Leary & Associates, Inc. is a Texas Corporation founded in 1994.