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Productivity Reporting

0' Leary & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the development of a major new product for hospital management. It is an instantaneous hospital departmental staffing analysis and productivity reporting system. The system provides graphical reports(with supporting data) showing projected, actual and variance from optimal department staffing as defined by hospital generated staffing standards for each department.

This information is presented on a user defined report period:

  • By Day
  • By Hour of Day
  • By Shift (Day, Evening Night)
  • By user defined interval (Start Date/Hour - End Date/Hour)

The ClockWork Time & Attendance System has the capability to instantaneously report departmental employee staffing by job type(RN, LPN,Tech etc.).

We now have an HL7 interface to the hospital patient admission, discharge and transfer data that allows us to accurately report instantaneous patient census in every department.

We provide a file that allows the user to define optimal department staffing(by job type) based upon patient census and average patient acuity. These staffing standards are generated by hospital personnel. Initially defined standards can be fine tuned using the results of actual experience after the system is implemented.

The three key elements required for successful system implementation are:

  • Instantaneous and accurate identification of departmental employee staffing
  • Instantaneous and accurate identification of departmental patient census
  • Accurate staffing standards to provide satisfactory patient care without over staffing.

The instantaneous departmental staffing reports may show some departments for the current day that are over staffed and some that are under staffed. This information can be used to transfer available employees rather than bring in expensive agency personnel or incurring overtime to achieve adequate department staffing.

The immediate reporting capability can provide senior hospital management very timely, current day information regarding existing labor productivity in every department.

Reporting departmental overstaffing for previous time periods is informational but the additional cost to the hospital has already been incurred.

Product Releases

  • Productivity Reporting with current day information
  • Optimal department staffing
  • Interface to the hospital patient admission, discharge and transfer data