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Product Information

Our ClockWork Time & Attendance System is fully operational in numerous hospital sites located throughout the United States and has the following capabilities:

· Full 32 bit Windows application software for Windows operating systems                                                                                    · Designed for distributed usage on a hospital local area network · 100% table driven software (NO custom code regardless of hospital pay policy complexity)                                            · User on-line view and edit of employee labor reports at network PC workstations (also printed reports)                              · Report archive and retrieval capability                        · Employee labor reports can be generated on an immediate, delayed or regularly scheduled basis                                        · A wide range of standard employee labor reports are available that break out productive, non-productive and overtime labor  · A daily productivity report shows actual vs. expected labor(with variance) based upon user generated standards for each department                                                                      · Users can access ClockWork system data to generate custom AD-HOC labor reports using Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports etc. ODBC capability can be provided.                          · Extensive system security is provided to restrict both data access and activity of each system user                              · Long term comprehensive daily history reporting of both hours(REG, OVT, etc.), incidents(Tardy, Absence, etc.) and IN/OUT punch times are provided.                                           · Interfaces with user’s existing or future payroll system · Interfaces with ANSOS or RES-Q Scheduling Systems  · Employee LINX badge reading terminals directly connect to the user’s LAN Ethernet cable                                           · Employees can directly access network file server data and view it on the LINX terminals (Worked hours, Scheduled hours, Work location assignments, Accrued benefit time(Vacation, sick etc.), Accrued employee charges(Pharmacy, Cafeteria etc.), Personal messages, Global messages etc.)

System Interfaces

Payroll Interfaces

O'Leary & Associates, Inc. has developed interfaces to over forty (40) payroll systems. All of these were developed by internal staff and not by a third party. 
Most of these are bi-directional interfaces. In addition to sending data to the payroll system ClockWork can accept a download of information regarding new employees to be added to the system, changes to existing employee files and accrued employee benefit time.

Scheduling System Interfaces

By sharing information between a Time and Attendance System and a Scheduling System a hospital can considerably enhance the value of both systems.

A scheduling system contains information regarding employee scheduled benefit time (vacation, sick etc.). Passing that information to the time and attendance system eliminates a great deal of time consuming manual entry into the time and attendance system.

Because of last minute employee work shift trades and calls reporting employee is sick, a significant amount of what is actually worked deviates from what was scheduled.  Because the time and attendance system has accurate information regarding what was actually worked, that information can be passed to the scheduling system and thus eliminate many hours of manual corrections to the schedules.  This results in totally accurate scheduling system reports without the need for corrections.

O'Leary & Associates has developed bi-directional interfaces for both the ANSOS and the RES-Q employee scheduling systems.


Product Summary

  • ClockWork Time & Attendance Software
  • Productivity Module
  • System Interfaces